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Beer Specials Special Price Expires

Big Sky, all types, 6-pack $8.49

Bridgeport, all types, 6-pk $8.19

Carlsberg Elephant, 6-pk $9.49

Corona, both types, 6-pack bottles $7.59

Dos Equis, both types, 6-pack $6.99

Full Sail, all types except session, 6-pk $7.39

Full Sail, Session Beer, all Types, 6-pk $6.89

Genessee, both types, 30-pack $16.99

Guinness Draught, 8-pack $13.89

Heineken, both types, 12-pack $14.49

J. W. Dundee’s, all types, 6-pack $6.29

Kona, all types, 6-pk $8.19

Lazy Magnolia, all types, 6-pk $8.49

Lucky Buddha, 6-pk $9.19

Mikes Lemonades, all types,6-pack $7.49

Mikes, Margaritas, all flavors, 6-pk $7.49

Modelo, 12-pk $14.79

Negra Modelo, 12-pk $14.79

Pabst, 16 oz. cans, 6-pk $5.29

Pabst, 30-pk $18.99

Palm Breeze, Variety, 12-pk $14.49

Redd’s Apple Ales, all types, 6-pk bottles $7.29

Shiner, 6-pack, bottles $7.49

Shiner, all types, 6-pk cans $7.49

Smirnoff Ice, all types, 6-pack bottles $7.49

Tecate, both types, 18-pack $14.29

Tona Cerveza, 6-pk $6.69

Traveler Ales, all types, 6-pk bottles $7.99

Wine Specials Special Price Expires

Apothic White, 750ml $11.99

Apothic, Red Blend, 750ml $11.99

Ballatore, both types, 750ml $7.99

Barefoot, all types excluding sparkling, 750ml $6.99

Beringer California Varietals, all types, 750ml $6.99

Bogle Merlot 750ml $9.99

Bogle Petite Syrah 750ml $11.49

Bogle Zinfandel, 750ml $10.99

Bogle, Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml $10.99

Bridlewood, Blend 175, 750ml $11.99

Broke Ass Red, 750ml $5.99

Carnivor Red Blend, 750ml $9.99

Cascinetta Moscato, 750ml $15.41

Cline Pink Truck, 750ml $8.99

Earthquake Petite Sirah, 750ml $24.95

Edna Valley, white wines, 750ml $9.49

Franzia, all House Wine Favorites types, 5L $13.49

Franzia, all Vintner Select Varietals, 5L $17.99

Freixenet, Cordon Negro Brut, 750ml $12.99

Grayson, all types, 750ml $10.99

Marietta Old Vine, 750ml $11.99

Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante, 750ml $12.99

Peter Vella, all California Table Wine types, 5L $13.49

Peter Vella, all Varietal & Fine Table Wine, 5L $17.99

Primo Amore Moscato, 750ml $9.99

Roscato Rosso Dolce, 750ml $9..99

Spirits Specials Special Price Expires

Barton Vodka, 1.0 Liter $6.99

Barton Vodka, 1.75 Liter $11.99

Blackheart 93 proof Spiced Rum, 750ml $10.99

Blackheart Spiced Rum, 1.75Liter $22.49

Burnett’s Vodka, 1.0 Liter $8.99

Burnetts Dry Gin 1.75L $15.97

Burnetts Vodka, 1.75L $13.83

Canadian Superior, 1.75 L $13.56

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 750ml $14.99

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 1.75 L $23.99

Crown Royal Black, 750ml $28.99

Crown Royal, 1.75 L $44.95

Crown Royal, 750ml $26.99

Cuervo Gold or White, 750ml $18.39

Evan Williams Black Label, 750ml $9.95

Evan Williams Black, 1.75 L $19.99

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, 750ml $13.99

Heaven Hill Traveler $5.75

Heaven Hill Vodka, 1.75 L $11.49

Jack Daniels Honey, 750ml $18.99

Jagermeister, 750ml $20.99

Kentucky Deluxe, 375ml $3.15

Kentucky Deluxe, 750ml $5.97

Lunazul Tequila, both types, 750ml $18.43

Master of Mixes Sweet & Sour 1L $4.95

New Amsterdam Gin, 1.75 Liter $19.99

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 750ml $16.83

Seagram’s Seven Crown, 1.75 Liter $19.99

Svedka Vodka, 750ml $14.75