Lefthand Fade To Black

The new release proves that Fade to Black is not going to fade away.

Wow! This is great! Refill please!

by Chuck Haley


Get ready- this beer pours really dark- kind of a ruby brown that fades to almost black.  Might make a good name for the beer!  Wonderful aromas of smokey, roasted malt with hints of dark fruit and wood.  The flavors live up to the aromas.  Rich, heavy roasted malt with nice smokey flavors yield to coffee, dark fruit, and a woody earthiness.  Well crafted.  Grab this seasonal beer while you can.



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Lefthand Fade To Black

Price: 9.95/ 6-pack
Varietal: Dark Ale
Region: Colorado

This is a yummy seasonal brew from Lefthand Brewing.  The Fade to Black Series is ever evolving so no two years are the same, but from what we’ve seen next year will be awesome as well!