Bogle Phantom

2006 Vintage Improves Upon the Past

Bogle Phantom showcases the best of each of the grapes that compose its blend.

by John Franzmann


The last vintage I had of Phantom was the 2002 and I was so impressed, I stockpiled several cases so I wouldn’t run out. (It’s not available all the time, so you have to plan your consumption.)

This is the 2006 vintage and it has only gotten better. Phantom is a blend of Zinfandel, Mourvedre, and Petite Syrah and the best of each grape is showcased in this wine.

Bogle Phantom has the backbone and earthiness of Mourvedre, the spice and fruit of Zinfandel, and the richness and velvet of Petite Syrah.

The nose gives aromas of dark cherry, leather, and earth. Flavors are full of blueberry, blackberry, and spice, and the finish is nicely spiced with oak… velvety smooth and delicious.



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Bogle Phantom

Price: $19.99
Varietal: Blend
Region: Ghostland

The best of each grape is showcased in this 2005 vintage from Bogle.