Lemon Drop Martini

Turning Lemons into Lemondrops

A recipe from an oceanside bar in La Jolla makes me happy. Deep down.

by Franklin P. Carruthers


By the Ocean

Opposite of my East Coast journeys, travels on the West Coast have been just as wonderful in terms of drink discoveries.

When I was vacationing in La Jolla with my family, my father, Mr. Carruthers, and I stepped into a seaside bar called George’s overlooking the Pacific for some pre-dinner cocktails.

On the menu I noticed a Lemondrop. Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “Franklin P, what are you doing sipping such a sweet cocktail?” Well, my friends, I’ll tell you why. Because it is exquisite.
“Frozen Pond” Surface

The way to tell if you are drinking a high-quality martini-style drink is if a thin layer of ice forms – much like that of a freshly frozen pond – on the surface of the cocktail. This George’s Lemondrop certainly possessed this quality.



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Lemon Drop Martini

+ Vodka (pref Hangar One)
+ Simple Syrup
+ Simply Lemon
+ Fresh Lemons
+ Granulated Sugar

How to Make It…
Pour a generous shot of vodka into a shaker packed with ice. Drizzle in a bit of simple syrup (usually 2 tbsp will do) and pour in two shots of Simply Lemon lemonade. Take a fresh lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the juice into the shaker. Shake like crazy.

Line rim of a martini glass with sugar and pour the cocktail in.