Dirty Martini

Pretend Like You're 007

Shaken, Not Stirred, and a little Dirty

by Dr. Winston O'Boogie II


Simple and Iconic.

If you have ever watched a James Bond movie, you have probably heard him order this famous drink “Shaken, Not Stirred.” The basic Martini is a simple mix of Gin and Dry Vermouth, often garnished with olives or a sliver of lemon peel. The variation in this recipe is called a “Dirty Martini,” because the use of olive juice clouds this normally crystal clear beverage and makes it quite salty.

If you are not a fan of salty drinks, just leave out the olive juice.
Here are a couple other variations:
Smoky martini

Gin with a splash of Scotch whisky, stirred and garnished with lemon peel. This is also referred to as a Silverbullet Martini.

Dirty Pickle

The substitution of olive brine in a dirty martini with pickle juice, often garnished with a mini gherkin or dill spear is called a “Dirty Pickle,” “Pickletini” or “Dirty Pickle Martini”.

The “Original” Martinez

The Martini is an American invention, but like all things good or evil, the story is a subject of debate. Rumor has it that this drink was first made for a miner in CA who stuck it big and had one made for him at a bar. He proceeded to order a round for the house and the legend was born. The Martinez is considered by many to be “the great grandfather of the Martini cocktail”

Make It

Dash of bitters; 2 dashes maraschino liqueur; 1 pony Old Tom gin; 1 wine glass vermouth; 1/4 slice lemon;

Mix all ingredients, except lemon, in a shaker with cracked ice, stir (not shake), then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Note: Original recipe advised adding two dashes of “gum (sugar) syrup, if the guest prefers it very sweet.”



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Dirty Martini

+ Gin or Vodka
+ Dry Vermouth
+ Green Olives
+ Olive Juice (from jar)

Mixing Instructions
Pour a shot of gin or vodka into a shaker full of ice. Add an ever-so-slight dash of vermouth, a bit of olive juice, and an olive. Vigorously shake the shaker a few times, until the shaker begins to frost. Pour into a Martini glass and garnish with an olive.