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Let's Put Wine With Food!

Looking for a way to marry your love of beverages with that of your affinity for food? Effective pairing makes a good meal great


Let’s put wine with food! Obviously, you will need some knowledge of the characteristics of various types of wine varieties. Research (aka consumption) is recommended because it is much easier to match wine with food if you know what the wine tastes like.

Weights and Measures

The good news is that the process is not hard. An important thing to know is that your palate will stabilize with the heaviest and boldest flavors, often after a single mouthful. Therefore it is important to match the heavier, richer food flavors with bigger, bolder flavored wines, and the light delicate foods with lighter bodied, refreshing wines. Wine can overpower food just as easily as food can obliterate delicate flavors in wine, so it is important to get this part matched as best as possible. Remember that red wines are heavier than white wines and there are light and heavy varieties of both types.

The Acid(ity) Test

The next step is to balance acidity. Not only do the acids in the wine cleanse fats from the tongue, but they interact with the acids in the food. Acidity does not always mean pucker; many sweet wines have a high acidity to balance the sugar content. White wines aged in oak barrels have acidity similar to the acidity in dairy products; otherwise the acid is closer in flavor to the acid found in the fruits and berries. Try to match highly acidic foods with more acidic wines and pair the types of acid in the wine and food together as well.

A Balancing Act

First choose the entree, then match its weight and balance the acidity. What’s left? You can stop at this point and have a reasonably good pairing, but why quit now? Think about the nuances of flavor in the wines you are considering. Do any of the flavors in one wine especially enhance or compliment the dish you are serving better than another wine? Consider your personal preference for sweet or dry, white, red or rose wines. Use these factors to fine-tune your selection. If nothing seems right at this point you can still seek advice but you probably won’t need to unless you are just being adventurous.

Drink and Eat Up!

It isn’t too hard. Just think about your entree, match the weight and acidity of the food with the body and acidity of the wine, factor in your preferences, and choose your wine. Then raise your glass and toast yourself for making such a fine selection of wine!

Cheese Cupid

As the name suggests, this is a site for people who love their cheese. Cheese Cupid features a fun, interactive way of helping you choose which wine to which cheese. Try it out!



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